• Location: Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan, and includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula
  • Geographic coordinates: 27 00 N, 30 00 E

  • Map references: Africa

  • Area:

    Total: 1,001,450 sq km
    Land: 995,450 sq km
    Water: 6,000 sq km

  • Area - comparative: slightly more than three times the size of New Mexico
  • Land boundaries
    Total : 2,665 km
    Border countries: Gaza Strip 11 km, Israel 266 km, Libya 1,115 km, Sudan 1,273 km
  • Coastline: 2,450 km
  • Maritime claims:
    Territorial sea: 12 nm
    Contiguous zone: 24 nm
    Exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
    Continental shelf: 200-m depth or to the depth of exploitation
  • Climate: desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters

  • Terrain: vast desert plateau interrupted by Nile valley and delta

  • Elevation extremes:

    Lowest point: Qattara Depression -133 m
    Highest point: Mount Catherine 2,629 m

  • Natural resources: petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, phosphates, manganese, limestone, gypsum, talc, asbestos, lead, zinc