Oct 18

Kanoo Shipping South Africa handles first of this year's flights to Antarctica


Kanoo Shipping is handling the first of this year's flights, the 'Dassault Falcon 7X', supporting various Antarctic Research bases. The operation is based in Cape Town which is the preferred gateway for the DROMLAN community. The season runs from November 2019 to February 2020.

Kanoo Shipping ̶ South Africa which assists a number national bases in Antarctica have commenced their Antarctic season and provides a range of services to support these bases, including logistics support for 10-12 flights & ship agency services for the general cargo vessel that sails to the ice shelf each year.

The said gateway, the DROMLAN (Dronning Maud Land Air Network Project), is a coordinated project between 11 countries with bases in Queen Maud Land (Norwegian: Dronning Maud Land) to create a coordinated logistics service to reduce costs. These countries are South Africa, Belgium, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Jonathan Bygrave, CEO, Kanoo Shipping said, "It is not often that a humble ship agent can claim to be the first on a continent ̶ although we were in our region, we have been around since 1890... But Kanoo Shipping has put in a claim following the handling of the first of this year's flights (Dassault Falcon 7X) supporting various Antarctic Research bases."

"We have developed a great relationship with many of the Polar Research Organisations worldwide to support both their flights/personnel and equipment as well as their vessels through our Kanoo Shipping ̶ South Africa operation based in Cape Town. I would like to commend Jonathan Millar and the Kanoo CT Team for yet another Kanoo first... The world is no longer big enough!" he expressed.

A member of The Kanoo Group, Kanoo Shipping is the largest regional shipping agency in the Middle East which operates in 20 countries and all principal ports and offshore tanker loading terminals around the Arabian Peninsula, including Iraq and handles 20,000 ship calls every year through its professional network.